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  The following spontanaeous comments are from purchasers of the various pieces that I have made and from viewers of my web site and quilt show booths. Most of the items were custom orders and the comments demonstrate the quality and attention to detail that I strive for in each piece.

“I have noted your lovely quilt furniture over the years as I have perused shows. I will add your web site to my favorites.” Georgia Bonesteel (TV's ‘Lap Quilting’)

Sewing Spool Caddy: "Since it sits out in my new studio you know it is one of my favorite things because I downsized when I made the move to the new studio space. So the fact that it is sitting on the corner of my table speaks volumes...Many of you know that I like to make circles to sew on my quilts. Well, every time I have to baste the fabric for my circle making process I pull my thread from the spools on this caddy. If I could add to the song Julie Andrews sang in The Sound of Music about her favorite things I would have to add this to my list. It's functional and beautifully crafted." Karen Kay Buckley, Carlisle, PA

3-Drawer Spool Cabinet: "The spool cabinet arrived safely and in perfect condition. I have never seen anything packed so well! It is absolutely beautiful and exceeds any expectations I had. The detail is amazing, and it also smells sooooo good! You are a master craftsman and I am so grateful to own such a beautiful work of art." Karen Guimon, Bartlett, IL

Sewing Spool Caddy: "Your gorgeous little sewing caddy has arrived safely. I love it. It was beautifully packaged and there was no damage at all. Rich, your workmanship is amazing. A number of people have already commented on it. Thank you so much for getting it to me so quickly." Beth Mackay, Auckland, New Zealand

Miniature Spool Cabinet: "I received the cabinet yesterday afternoon. It arrived in good order. I'm glad I went with the walnut. It fits right in with my other pieces. Great work Richard! Thanks! Steven V., Calgary, Alberta, Canada

2-Drawer Spool Cabinet: "The cabinet was here when I came home from work. It is just beautiful! I love the drawers and the knobs...and I may add that sassafrass wood is a beautiful color. You really had it wrapped well. I am going to take it home when I visit and show my sisters." Sandy Lynch, Dillsburg, PA

Sewing Spool Caddies: “…totally delighted with the shipment. These lovely pieces will be heirlooms of the future for our family. They are just exquisite and I am so happy to have them. Thanks so much! Will spread the word far and wide of your skills, which speak for themselves.” Judith Merrill, Dallas Texas

Thread Cabinet and Sewing Spool Caddy: “I am very pleased with the thread cabinet and sewing caddy. I absolutely love your work. You are a master craftsman.” Cheryl Travis, Bel Air, MD

Wall Quilt Hanger: “…I love my quilt rack and am working on a hanging quilt that will do it justice. In the meantime, it just looks nice on its own.” Carol Sloan, Waynesboro, VA

Thread Cabinet: "I love my cabinet and use it for thread and sewing things. Even if it were empty - looking at it is enjoyable" Eileen Donovan, Queensbury, NY

Keepsake Box with Seahorse Handle: “Thank you sooo much! It is very beautiful! I can’t wait to give it to my daughter next week for her birthday! She will love it I am sure! Thank you so much for your craftsmanship and attention to detail!” Kristin Mathews, Newtown, PA

Sewing Spool Caddy: “Received the beautiful piece yesterday. I love it. Thank you so much for your beautiful talent that you share with all of us quilters.” Rita Hruschak, Webster, NY

Sewing Spool Caddy: “My sewing caddy arrived safely yesterday and it is just beautiful. Thank you so much for your great craftsmanship.” Susan Sampietro, Northvale, NJ

Sewing Spool Caddy: "It was a pleasure doing business with Richard Hyers Woodworking. The quality of work in the sewing caddy was very good. I have received a lot of compliments on it. I ordered it at one of his shows and was always informed with the status of the order. I received exactly what I ordered. I'm looking forward to doing more business with him in the future." Lisa Forte, Bend, OR
wood  woodworking  custom furniture  reproduction  quilt rack